EZ- Hang

EZ-Hang Deluxe Kit

Here is a product I've mentioned in one of my previous publications. Now, someone is making them and we are bringing them to you. This is about the best way to get a line into a tree short of using a bow and arrows.
Note: We can no longer obtain individual parts for the EZ-Hang system. they are now available only as complete kits. I am going to stock only the Deluxe Kit which consists of the EZ-Hang, spare bands, EZ Winder, and 7 weights & Clips because it's the best deal.
A specially selected spinning reel, combined with a hunting slingshot and the proper weights and nylon line makes your next antenna installation a snap.
The slingshot has a tempered steel yoke, welded construction with easy release button and fixed arm support for extra comfort.
Extra bright yellow weights make it easy to see them in trees.

If you've read my suggestions for installing wire antennas, you've seen my three-line method. The first line is the light fishing line on the spinning reel. This "Intermediate Line" dispenser is the second line. It is used to pull up the heavy, final support line, either Mil Spec or our Double Dacrontm antenna rope.

Intermediate Line Dispenser
  • #18 nylon, 155 pound break strength.
  • 500' twisted line length, orange in color
  • Free spinning, stakeable handle
  • 4 cinch points to hold line
  • Quick and easy unwinding and rewinding.

Yellow Weights

Package of 7 yellow-colored weights.


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EZ Hang
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