SS-1V Video Bandscanner

The Video Bandscanner, sometimes called the "Band Scope" is somewhat different from those made my Heath. This unit is more a spectrum analyzer in that several features not available in the Heath units are featured in the SS-1V. For example, if you'll look at the front panel you notice a "Center Frequency" control. There is also a calibrated "Bandwidth" control. The band displayed is the one selected by the SS-1R receiver. The display does not scroll to the left or right when the receiver is tuned, rather it is stable and a maker moves across the displayed spectrum. One nice feature is the calibrated linear and logarithmic scales.

I'm not sure this is better that the scrolling types, but does require far more complex circuitry. It's simply one more way Squires-Sanders expressed their ability and desire to stand apart from the competition and give the market something different and often better.

The SS-1V is rather rare and this one is in working condition. It could use a cosmetic cleanup. Again, the photograph and lighting amplify the blemishes.