The Drake Position

Top Row - MS-4 Speaker, AV-4C Remote VFO, TR-4CW/RIT HF Transceiver
Second Row - R-4B Receiver, TR-4C HF Transceiver, TR-6 Six Meter Transceiver, MS-4 Speaker
Bottom Row - 2-B Receiver, TR-4XC HF Transmitter, R-4C HF Receiver (full Sherwood modifiication), MN-2000 Tuner

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Featured is are the 4-Line Transceivers
RV-4C Remote VFO
TR-4CW/RIT HF Transceiver
TR-4C HF Transceiver
TR-6 Six Meter Transceiver

RV-4C Remote VFO

The RV-4C Remote VFO provided split-frequency operation of any of the 4-Line Transceivers.


TR-4C HF Transceiver
The TR-4C is a high power, high performance HF transceiver. They are still in use today.

These are very common transceivers and are readily available on the used market. This particular unit has an interesting history. I picked it up at the Charlotte hamfest. It was being sold by Wycliff Bible Translators. I had been a contributor for several years to two missionaries in that ministry. Before more modern communications methods became available, ham radio was the only way to contact the missions at remote locations. Obviously, this was one of those radios. The front panel was profusely marked with tuning and loading marks. Who know, this radio may have been used or used to help the missionaries I'd helped support. It had to be rescued and restored.
Rigs with a special history make you wonder who used it and who was on the other end of the QSO. This rig may have been the link back to civilization for some far away missionary.
I was lucky and was able to purchase a brand new front panel from Drake just before they quite selling replacement parts. Several other NOS parts were purchased at the same time. After some careful cleaning and aligning, this little TR-4C was returned to very nice condition.


Here is the rare TR-4CW/RIT. It features a builtin 500 Hz CW filter and RIT.
This is Drake's idea of a CW transceiver. Actually, they did a fair job, much better than Collins with their KWM-2. This rig features a 500 Hz CW filter and RIT, features missing from the Collins transceiver. The CW filter was adequate, though there seems to be a lot of "blow by." The RIT was a bit unusual in that it didn't have a center detent. I wonder what the thinking was behind that decision?


TR-6 Six Meter Transceiver
It's a TR-4 moved up to 6 meters. With nearly the same power output, the TR-6 has all the same performance and features of the HF version. There is even provisions for an external receiver. These are somewhat rare.

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