AM Station #2

There is much more to come. I've just run out of time for now. Check in from time-to-time and see what I'm up to. I'll try to get to work on this and folling pages as soon as possible. I hope you are enjoying your visit. There's lots more to see. Just click on the "Hamshack Index" I'll you'll be transported to several other interesting sights around Jim's shacks.

This is the lab where I work on the old gear. I've give you the rundown and closeups soon. I'm a real "talk radio" fan and what better way to listen in that on this well perserved Zeneth Transoceanic. It still has great sensetivity and wonder tone after nearly 50 years. And, yes, I do have a couple of spare 1L6 tubes just to keep it running for another decade or two. (For those of you who are not into this particular radio, the 1L6 is a very rare mixer/oscillator tube. When you can find them, you'll generally pay about $30 for one.)

This was the transceiver used in my office when these pictures where taken. It has since been replaced with an ICOM IC-756 PRO. In my opinion, the IC-746 is the best radio for the money on the market at this time (2000). However, the '756 PRO is a much better rig, but then it cost twice as much.

Here is one of my SX-115 receivers. It's featured in one of my AM operating postions, but I want to go into more detail on this receiver in the future. It was rather unique and meant to compete with receivers like the 75A-4. It didn't measure up, but it is a fun receiver to use. More later.

These are the "ladies in waiting." It's just one of the racks of gear awaiting repair, restoration, or a new home.
This is the Sprague Capacitor Analyzer. If any peice of gear can find a bad capacitor, this is it. It applies a high voltage and then measures leakage in several ways including a 50,000 megohm range. I'll give you a complete tour of the lab.

There is much more to see. Please click on the Hamshack Index to complete your tour.