This page has been included in all of our products manuals. This information is important and self explanatory. Please read all pages if you intend to install ANY single wire, multi-band antenna and plan to bend it into an inverted-V. This includes ladder-line fed dipoles and simular antennas. Maybe I've missed something in my studies, but I've never seen this problem with the inverted-V before. The test presented below gives you the full story. As with all things, once a problem is discovered, the answer seems obvious. I hope you find this information useful.

Stay tuned,

Jim, W4THU

Inverted-V Caution

I was working on my latest publication and stumbled across this information while answering a question about G5RV's. To give you some more details on the inverted-V problem, I have included the preliminary tree pages on this subject from my book, "The 57 most asked questions." The book, by the way, will be available in "draft" form at Dayton. Publication is scheduled for early summer.

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