G5RV - Louis Varney

Here is an unusual chance to see a legend. We have all heard about the G5RV antenna. Probably, most of us have used one at some point in our ham radio lives. A friend of mine, Tony Day (KC4AUF) had a QSO with Louis Varney, G5RV and took the opportunity to write and have some pictures taken. Some of those photographs are featured here. I thought you might enjoy them. I've also included G5RV's QSL card for your viewing pleasure.

I want to thank KC4AUF and G5RV for taking the time to produce this material.


Jim, W4THU

The Photographs, letter and QSL Card

To enlarge a photo, just click on it.

back yard
backyard close up
the garden
Here is a view of the antennas.
A closer view of the antenna system.
Check out those masts! There's a 204' G5RV here.
The G5RV at his operating position.
G5RV in garden
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the letter
Here is Louis with a very vintage piece of gear.
The collection.
Saying good-bye.
This letter outlines the antenna system.
QSL card

G5RV's QSL with all the places he's operated from.

I hope you've enjoyed your visit.

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