'VHF' Current Balun

Updated 2/3/18

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B1-1KV Specifications

Type: Current
Ratio: 1:1
Bandwidth: 15 - 2 m
Coefficient of Coupling: 100%
Power Loss in dB, matched: Nil << .1
Saturation Resistant Core: Good
Internal Transmission Line Z: 50 Ohms
Core: Ferrite
L-C Compensation: No
Power Rating @ 21 MHz: 2 kW *
Power Rating @ 50 MHz: 1 kW *
Output balance: Very Good
Load variation tolerance: Excellent
Input Connector: SO-239
Output Connector: SO-239
Eye-bolts for wire attachment: Yes
Physical Size: 2.3" x 7"
Weight (approximate): 7 oz.
* CW/SSB duty-cycle only. Not rated for AM, FM, RTTY or other high duty-cycle modes.

Note: Measurements were made at the output of the Balun and do not include the output wires, since at these frequencies, the output leads are a significant portion of the antenna itself. The length of each lead is exactly 4" from the balun's windings to the end of the output wire. This lead length is part of your antenna.

Setting a New Standard for VHF Baluns

*A true, Current-type 1:1 Balun
* Good output balance.
* Special Ferrites for High HF + 6 & 2 m
* Teflon Components.
* Wide bandwidth with carefully controlled reactance characteristics.
* The same, first-class construction as all the B-series HF baluns. Made to last for years.
* The VHF 1:1 Current-type Balun, using the same technology as the incredible, B1-5K precision HF balun.

At HF frequencies, it is difficult to build a 1:1 balun that is tolerant of realistic operating environments where mismatched loads are common. Unless a balun is very carefully designed, you can expect poor output balance and core saturation. We were able to exceed this level of performance at HF with the B1-5K. At VHF frequencies, new problems arise. Transmission lines must be very short in terms of a wavelength, special ferrites must be used and they must be effective over a very wide frequency range. Every construction detail must be carefully specified if each balun is to perform as required. We have met and again exceeded all expectations with the B1-1KV. It will be the standard others will attempt to reach in their 1:1 VHF baluns.

If your VHF antenna project requires a 1:1 balun, you can't make a better choice than the incomparable B1-1KV.


At 10 meters and VHF, lead length must be taken into account. They are part of the antenna. The length of each lead is exactly 4" from the balun's windings to the end of the wire.


The B1-1KV VHF Current Balun is suitable for any application that needs a 50 ohm-to-50 ohm balun. It is suitable for use in dipoles, vertical dipoles, wire beams, etc.

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