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{short description of image} High Performance Wire Antennas

Wire antennas don't get enough credit, here's why.

{short description of image} Antenna Specifications

All the essential data on all of our antennas

{short description of image} CAROLINA WINDOMS

It's the best performing simple, wire antenna made!

{short description of image} OCFD MAX™

It's the Off-Center-Fed-Dipole that WORKS!™

{short description of image} Attic and Stealth Antennas

Antenna that are optimized for installations in attics or similar locations at low heights above ground

{short description of image} SuperLoop

Can't afford $2000 for beam, tower, and rotator
THEN, you can't afford to overlook the fabulous SuperLoop.
Even if you have a tower and beam, you need the SuperLoop for 80, 40 and 30 meters.

{short description of image} New G5RV Plus

This is a upgraded version of the old standby G5RV that will improve on it fine reputation.

6 Meter Antennas

CAROLINA WINDOMS® now cover 6 meters

Most current versions of the CAROLINA WINDOM® now cover 6 meters. The power limit on 6 meters is 200 watts SSB/CW.

To avoid confusion, I did not change the model numbers. All CAROLINA WINDOMS® sold after May 1, 2009 cover the 6 meter amateur band. The model numbers will remain the same. Check the particular antenna's specifications to confirm it covers 6 meters.

A tuner is required and the automatic tuners in most currents rigs which cover 6 meters will tune the 6 meter band.

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