Balun Selection Chart



Recommended Baluns or Line Isolators

Current production features some "Plus" models which covers 6 meters

B1-200, B1-2K, B1-4K Ultra, B1-5K

Delta Loop

B4-100, B4-2KX, B4-2K, B4-1.5K

Folded Dipole

B4-100, B4-2KX, B4-2K, B4-1.5K

Folded Unipole

B4-100, B4-2KX, B4-2K, B4-1.5K


B1-200, B1-2K, B1-4K Ultra, B1-5K



Multiband Loops

B4-100, B4-2KX, B4-2K, B4-1.5K

Open-wire fed antennas

New RemoteBalun™

Trap Dipoles

B1-2K, B1-4K Ultra, B1-5K T-4

Verticals, all types

T-4, T-4G, T-5G

Yagi, mono & tribanders

Y1-5K, T-4, Yagi Choke™

Zepp, Ladder-line fed

New RemoteBalun™

Commercial 1:1 baluns

B1-200, B1-2K, B1-4K Ultra, B1-5K

Commercial 4:1 baluns

B4-100B4-2KX, B4-2K, B4-1.5K

TVI, RFI, RF feedback

T-4-500, T-4, T-4G, T-5G

Grounded Line Isolators

T-4G, T-5G

Retrofit applications*

T-4-500, T-4, T-5G

6 meter applications Any "Plus" model Balun

*Retrofit Baluns

Use our "retrofit" baluns to improve the performance of products made by other manufacturers. Following an ineffective, Voltage-type balun with a Current-type Line Isolator can greatly enhance antenna system radiation pattern and improve feed line isolation. Installation is easy - simply connect the Line Isolator between the antenna's balun or feed system and your coaxial feed line. That's all there is to it. Next time you take down your antennas for maintenance, be sure to install a T-4.

Coaxial Cable

For wire antennas, I suggest using RG-8X, RG-8X Plus or Super 240. RG-8X's light weight and the resultant reduction in strain on antenna components can prolong the life of your wire antenna system.

Also recommended is our new Super 240 coaxial cable. It is a lower loss, higher power rated RG-8X-size cable. It's perfect in those cases where you want the higher safety factor in a RG-8X-size feedline. The factory power rating is 1490 watts on 10 meter. For long runs, the lower loss delivers more power to the antenna for a given SWR. It is more expensive than RG-8X and thus, RG-8X is still recommended for most applications. But, if you want something extra, this is it.

For all other antenna systems, I recommend using the best, low- loss coax that's practical for your antenna system. My first choice would be RG-213 Plus unless the application is VHF and the runs are longer than 75 feet. For VHF and some 10 meter applications, choose one of the very low loss coax types like SuperCable, ExtraFlex, Super 400, etc.

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