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Now Features 6 meters

Power rating is 200 watts CW/SSB on 6 meters


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Used to set two "Miles-Per-Watt" World Records

4,3000,000 miles per watt. Larksville, PA to Raleigh, NC using only .000096 watts (96 microwatts).
Accomplished by Fran Slavinski, KA3WFT and Paul Stroud, AA4XX

Record Breaking Performance all the time.
It's a 66 foot, multiband powerhouse!
If it's results you want, choose the CAROLINA WINDOM.
The CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 is used by DX stations all over the world.
It is DX'pedition proven and you get the same pileup breaking results.
DX'er or casual operator, you can't put a better, simpler wire antenna system in the air.



Frequency Coverage 40 - 6 m + 30, 17, 12 WARC
Gain As much as 10 dBd* reported at most installations
See note below for special information on the CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 Plus
Radiator Length Horizontal 66' Vertical 10' or 18' depending on the model
Feed line 50 ohm coaxial cable, RG-8X or Super 240 is recommended
Matching method Dedicated matching transformer + user's tuner
Tuner needed Yes
Power Rating Legal limit **
Recommended Height >30' usable at 25'
Radials Not required

* Based on user reports and field evaluations, and due primarily to low takeoff angles made possible with the CAROLINA WINDOM's Vertical Radiator

* *CW/SSB duty-cycles only. This antenna is not rated for AM, RTTY and other high duty-cycle modes.
* Important: Not rated for AM, RTTY or other high duty-cycle modes. Power rating is for normal SSB and CW duty-cycles only.
Exception: At transceiver output levels, this antenna may be used on PSK-31 and similar modes.

The CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 Plus has the same dimensions as the standard, full-size, CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 with the exception of the Vertical Radiator. In the "Plus" version the Vertical Radiator is 18' long instead of usual 10' Vertical Radiator of the CAROLINA WINDOM® 40. This improves performance on 40 and 20 meters, but sacrifices some performance on bands above 20 meters.
If 40 and 20 meters are your bands of interest, you may want to consider the CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 Plus. For the best performance on all bands from 40 - 6 meters, then the CAROLINA WINDOM® is the best best choice.

The CAROLINA WINDOM's® radiation pattern is different from simple dipoles and other similar antennas. Tests have shown that the CAROLINA WINDOM 40 far out performs conventional antennas under similar conditions. Its unique combination of horizontal and vertical radiation components account for the exciting performance that outclasses its competitors. The radiation pattern of the CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 is optimized for the upper bands. The CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 Plus further refines the bands of maximum performance to 40 and 20 meters with only a slight loss of performance above 20 meters.

To give you an example of this antenna's capabilities, the very first contact I made with a CAROLINA WINDOM 40 during testing was a CW QSO with 3W8CW in Viet Nam. That was a nice surprise! (Let me guess how many years ago that was!)

Jim, W4THU

This antenna is a record breaker. The CAROLINA WINDOM 40 was used in the 40 meter "miles-per-watt" record of over 4 million miles-per-watt.

How does the CAROLINA WINDOM® compare with other antennas?

Ground Space Needed

Configuration vs. Length Required

Flat Top: 66' Inverted-V @ 25' 51' + depends on height of end supports

Inverted-U @ 30' Total 41' short leg bent 5' long leg bent 10' Sloper @ 40' 58'

Sloper @ 60' requires a space of 40'

General Mounting Requirements

Mounting height of vertical section: > 25' Minimum recommended angle between legs = 126°. >140° is recommended.
Minimum height at ends = 8' Absolute minimum angle between legs = 90 degrees.

Recommended configuration

Flat-top, suspended between two tall trees located > 70' apart.

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The real CAROLINA WINDOM® story and Trademark credits.

Go to Jim's Notebook: Look up "How long should wire antennas last?

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