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The CAROLINA WINDOM® does it again. The CAROLINA WINDOM 40® was used on the receiving end to dig this record breaking 221 microwatt (.000221 watts) signal out of the 40 meter QRN and QRM. Here are the highlights of the World Record breaking achievement.

Paul's QTH is in the North Carolina Woods, 16 miles south of Raleigh. His rig was an Oak Hills Research "Classic" running 221 micowatts to a 3-element, 40 meter wire beam, approximately 60 feet high. Fran was using a Ten-Tec Argonaut-II (model 535) and a CAROLINA WINDOM® 40

about 30 feet. Contact was established using microwatt power as these operators avoided the conventional practice to making contact QRO, and then reducing power until the signal is lost. They did it the hard way!

Rich Arland, K7YHA, was also listening for Paul's 221 micowatt signal. Rich is an avid QRP operator, columnist and writer. Rich adds this interesting note, "A comparison between signal reports received at Fran's QTH with my S-meter readings definitely points to the outstanding performance of the CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 versus a standard 40 meter dipole."

Here is what the magazine product reviewers have to say about the CAROLINA WINDOM®. WorldRadio Product Review "...Parts quality is very high. Jim manufactures his own baluns and line isolators at his plant.

....This antenna is an outstanding example of engineering and research put into practice.

.........Received signal strength on the (CAROLINA) Windom was one to two S-Units higher than on the G5RV (the reference antenna, made by another manufacturer). Over the next several days, all bands were tried with similar results. In most instances, the CAROLINA WINDOM seemed to yield better receive signal levels and more reliable communications out past 400 miles than my G5RV (the test rig was an Argonaut 509 operating at 2 watts output). I attribute this to the vertical and horizontal radiation patterns produced by the antenna system.

Going on the assumption that a 1-2 S-Unit increase in receive signal level should yield a similar increase in transmitted signal, I feel that the CAROLINA WINDOM is a superior antenna to my G5RV dipole."

These are excerpts from a product review by Rich Arland, K7YHA. It appeared in the July 1988 issue of WorldRadio.
In his September, 1991 review of the CAROLINA BEAM, Bill Clarke compares the CAROLINA BEAM with a CAROLINA 160 and 80 and 40 meter dipoles.

He starts off his article with "It's easy to set up, and it works great!" Here are a few excerpts from his article.

" ..... The Carolina Beam (now called CAROLINA WINDOM® Short) is about as simple to install as any antenna I have seen to date. ........ My time was 20 minutes from 'out of the package' to 'on the air.' ..... My first observation was that the CAROLINA BEAM hears as well as it talks. When a received signal was better on the CAROLINA BEAM, the outgoing signal was better than that from the dipole or the (CAROLINA WINDOM® 160 ).

80 meters: As good in all cases, and about 10 dB better than the (CAROLINA WINDOM 160) for local work.

40 meters: Same as the dipole and same as the (CW160). 30 meters: Same as the CW160 90% of my contacts. Remainder slightly better.

20 meters: 50:50, with no clear winner. This is probably due to the distinct pattern differences between the (CW160) and the CAROLINA BEAM. Having both to select from made a real difference in making DX contacts.

17 meters: In all cases, the CAROLINA BEAM outperformed the (CW160) by 5 dB or better .....

15 meters: As with 20 meters, this band was quite variable.

12 meters: A distinct low-angle worker. The CAROLINA BEAM always outperformed the (CW160) by at least 5 dB.

10 meters: Same as 12 meters."

In this test the CW160 (which is 250 feet long) was supported 48 feet in the air. The CAROLINA BEAM is 100' long and was supported at 40 feet. The fact that the CAROLINA BEAM was as good or better than the much larger CW160 is extraordinary. And, the CAROLINA WINDOM 160 is well known for its exceptional performance on all bands.

Since the CAROLINA WINDOM® first entered the market place over 24 years ago, there have been 6 product reviews of various models of the CAROLINA WINDOM®. I will reprint product reviews excerpts and letters from CAROLINA WINDOM® users in future catalogs. If you would like to do a little bragging in print, just drop me an email. You don't have to set records, just let us know what you think of our antenna products

Can the Carolina WINDOM® be the best performing, simple, easy to put up, wire antenna? I think so, and so do some of these CAROLINA WINDOM users who wrote to us.

When band conditions are poor, and 40 and 80 meters are the only bands open at night, it's easy to have a competitive signal on the air. Practically everyone is using a simple dipole. In comparison, a high performance antenna like the CAROLINA WINDOM stands out like a shinning beacon. But the bands will be getting better over the next couple of years and you will have to compte with stations using beams. I have pulled some letters out of the file that came in during the last sunspot high when conditions were good and competition for DX was at its greatest. Even under the competitive conditions, the CAROLINA WINDOM is an even bigger winner.

Good quality, good performance to date (KB2EVV)

Excellent results (K4CRV) During first week of operation I worked the following on 75/80 meters using only 300 watts PEP, with the antenna at 30 feet: HP1, Y22, HR1, F6, A92, YU, ON, EI, YT, G, PA, DJ, CM, KP, VP, SP, IK. (K5SFM) I would and do recommend the CAROLINA WINDOM to everyone I've talked to on the bands....The 2 Hams that helped (put it up) will also buy-they are impressed. (KA4SSH)

..Works very well...good buy for the money (J.Stacey)

On 75 meters it works great, as I had expected it to work. My surprise came on 20 meters. ...I worked numerous DX stations and most were surprised at the signal with only 100 watts. I am very pleased with the antenna -Thanks.

(WA6HXE) Thanks again, Jim, for a well made product that performs better than your claims.

(N1EJF) It's not often that you can buy a product and get what you pay for, however, in the case of the "CAROLINA WINDOM" you can and then some. ...the results were unbelievable, there was at least 10 dB difference between the V, dipole and the (CAROLINA) WINDOM. I had people drive 200 + miles just to see if I did indeed have up 3 antennas, I even put the Windom up where the dipole was and vis-versa with the same results...I saw people standing in line to buy them at the Charlotte Hamfest. (N4RQZ)

On your recommendation, I bought a CAROLINA WIDOM antenna. I got it mounted two days ago, and decided to write you today, offering my endorsement of this great antenna. ...Everyone has given me great signal reports.... (N4TTF)

In my opinion, dollar for dollar, in over 20 years of both military and amateur experience, this is the best simple wire antenna. Wide band coverage, low SWR, low QRM, omnidirectional and low cost; as the saying goes "Who could ask for anything more." (KD4RFW)

Writing about the CAROLINA WINDOM/2, "My wife and I believe it is the best wire antenna we have ever used...... (Bill Welsh, W6DDB. CQ columnist)

"I just worked BY4RB in Peeking, China. The story is interesting. I worked him using my new (rig) and triband beam on 15 CW. My RST was 569. My friend Jerry, N4JF, was visiting. We switched ops so he could work BY4RB. I switched to the CAROLINA WINDOM/2. Jerry worked BY4RB on the first call! RST 559! What an antenna. This thing is unreal! (Dave Ingram, K4TJW, columnist and writer of several Ham Radio publications)

Quality and performance are impressive. I replaced a G5RV with the CAROLINA WINDOM in the identical location. .... My initial findings are that the CAROLINA WINDOM is at least 1 S-unit better than the G5RV. (Geno McGahey, AL7GQ)

And, there is more .......
Don't know where you are at with 80m from Antigua these days. We never did get much going on 80m when we were there. I think we made 2 Q's. Recently, I purchased a Carolina Windom 80 from Radio Works. I glued together 3 ten-foot sections of 2" PVC sprinkler pipe and stood it on end over a cut-off fence post. Then I guyed it using some Dacron rope and pulled the center insulator up the pipe. The two long wires stretched out to another set of fence. So, the height above ground at the center is 30 feet, and the ends are about 6' off the ground. I feed it with a 500' piece of RG-8. I used this in SS CW, and it was awesome. There were several hours where I ran Q's as fast as I could go (and you know that's pretty fast) on 80m. I had no trouble working east coast, KL7 and even busted the only KH6 pile up near the end of the contest on about the 3d call. Of course, all this from San Diego, using 100w. My ICOM 756 Pro's auto tuner had no problem handling the tuning on all bands, although I was mainly interested in 80. THey also make a 160m version, but the legs are quite long. I guess that wouldn't be much of a problem for the roof of the hotel at V26DX, though. Anyway, I was thinking it would be a great addition to the top of the hotel antenna farm down in V26DX. I think I paid about $100 for the antenna, and I believe it was VERY WELL worth it. With it, you would have a much better shot at the EU'S and UA's and so forth from V26 on 80m.

Subject: Awesome Antenna Jim, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I messed with a GAP Eagle for over a year to try to get it to work reasonably well, but I was never happy. I replaced the GAP with your CW40. This CW40 kicks some serious GAP butt! First let me give you a rundown of the equipment. Rig is an IC-706 MKII running 80 watts peak. Tuner is an MFJ 986 differential tuner. The shack is on the 2nd floor of my home and I have not yet set up my RF ground system. I do have a little RFI problem, but I know once I ground the equipment, this should solve the problem. Last night during the contest I worked RT0Q with a 59+ report and answered me on the first call. Rule of thumb is, if I can hear it I can work it, and believe me this has the best ears out of any antenna I have owned. I have an Ameritron 811 on order to see what kind of reports I can get with running a little more juice. The night before I turned the rig down to “L” setting on power which I believe is 5 watts or lower. I wanted to test the set up for local talking, so I met a friend of mine on 14.300MHz for a quick test. I should have checked to make sure the frequency was clear, but I was so anxious, I didn’t. I called my friend & made contact and spoke for a few seconds before I was interrupted by a station in Texas who said that I was stepping all over every station that he was talking to. WOW!!! I quickly apologized to the Texas station and, sat there for a few minutes admiring my setup. I was only running a lousy 5 watts! You couldn’t remove the smile from my face with sand paper if you wanted to. The Texas station couldn't hear my friend at all. He was running the GAP vertical that I had given to him because I was tired of trying to get it to tune. Thank you ! What do your recommend for a portable antenna? I like to go back packing up on Sky Line drive and would like to take an antenna that would cover from 40 meters on up. I am also looking for a suggestion on a compact tuner to accompany this portable antenna. I will be bringing my 706 as the rig for the mountain topping. I was going to get an 817, but I can turn the 706 down to 5 watts with out having to shell any cash out for a QRP rig. Thank you for an awesome product!

73’s de Jaime KA3N(xx)

Subject: C.W. L.P. 40 meter
Hey Jim, Just got back from a month of fun n' sun in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Just before Christmas, I came over to you place and picked up a 40 meter low profile Carolina Windom with hopes that I could get it installed at a rented apartment in Florida. The antenna went up in a sloper configuration, 45 foot on one end and 15 on the other--best I could do at the time. Unfortunately, I don't think any of it was above the three story house. However, I managed to work 24 States and 25 countries, including Larry, VQ9LA on Diego Garcia Island...with a 5/5 signal report running only 100 watts and got thru a pileup!! I used a 40 meter dipole on previous trips to Florida, and believe me, there is absolutely no comparison between that and the C.W. antenna. I am glad I took your advice and got the Low Profile model, as the weight is substantially less than the full size 80 meter that I have. My friend Marc, KF4POD, will be ordering a 40 meter low profile but made with 14 gauge wire within the next few weeks. Thanks Jim for a product that went up really easy and worked liked a charm!

Rick-WB4GQA Newport News, Va.

PS: I had several stations on different bands ask me how much power I was running--most of them thought I had a linear!


Hi Jim I 've recently bought one of your antenna systems -- a Carolina Windom 80 Special and at present I'm using it with a mfj 948 atu. Although this set up is giving me excellent results ( better than expected !!!!! ) I find the re tuning of the manual atu between the bands tiresome at times so I've decided to upgrade my atu to a LDG AT11MP which although discontinued in the US its still available in the UK. One small problem that I need your advice on -- the antenna manual and the specs on your web site state a manual tuner to be used with the Windom 80 s -- is this correct ? I can understand a rigs auto internal tuner not being able to cope with all bands on the windom but I would have thought the AT11MP would be ok. can you please let me know if the AT11MP will indeed work before I spend £200 ( $363 ) on a new tuner. One comment I would like to make is that the quality of your product is superb --a little expensive in the UK but nothing else available comes close !!!! I used a couple of mobile whips as a dipole ( I am antenna restricted on the small block of apartments where I live in Central London ) before I bought the windom and the difference is like a deaf man being able to hear again . I have 71' to play with on the semi flat roof so the 80 special just fits and can hardly be seen from below and of course a small bribe to the caretaker makes sure that he hasn't seen anything up there !!!! many thanks for a superb product and hope to hear from you soon.
regards Bill

Subject: Carolina Windom

Hello Jim, After reading your website regarding the Carolina Windom I decided to take a chance and purchase one ... I don't know anyone personally using one. I have been using a full-size G5RV dipole for about a year now, and considered the performance to be fine ... I primarily operate HF in the DX window on 75, as well as 17M. I was not sure that a wire antenna, other than phased wires or a Rombic, could be improved enough to justify the expense of "another" wire antenna. I erected the Carolina Windom yesterday afternoon, in place of the G5RV at about 65'. Last evening performance was OK on 75M, but the band was not very good. However, this a.m. I got on 20M phone early and was shocked regarding the signal reports I received from Europe, running about 400W out. Similiar performance was obtained on 17M phone. There is no question that your antenna is superior to the G5RV. I am using a Dentron Super Tuner between the SB-200 and the transmission line, and was able to achieve a perfect 1:1 match on all bands. In general I do not comment on products unless the product is superior and appears to actually perform as advertised. I was also very pleased with the overall quality of the Carolina Windom and the booklet that was shipped with the product. Keep up the good work.

Regards, 73
John (Vermont) WA3(XXX)

Subject: Carolina Windom

I just wanted to let you know that I bought the Carolina Windom 80 from you a few weeks ago and it works GREAT! This antenna works well beyond my expectations. I am having contacts from all around the globe with many giving me 57 and 59 reports on 600PEP. Again, thanks for a fine antenna.

Thanks, William W1(XXX)

Subject: Carolina Windom

Good morning Jim, I just wanted to give you a report on my 80 meter Carolina Windom. I received this antenna about two years ago as a gift. I put it up ASAP since all I use is wire here anyway. I figured this would be good because it could cover all the bands with one wire. I really didn't expect it to be a whole lot better than the wires I already had up. It would appear that I was wrong. I enjoy working the RTTY Roundup each year. In 2007 I used the Carolina Windom for this contest. I had my best personal score this year and to my surprise I won the Roanoke division plaque for my class (multi-operator low power). I didn't even realize this until a friend called me and said he saw my call in QST. This year, 2008, I played in the RTTY Roundup again and bettered my score by 20,000 points and won the Roanoke division for the second time in a row and sixth over all (in my class). I would never have thought I could have done this with only a wire antenna. Well I hope to do better in 2009 but only time will tell. Thanks for a fine wire antenna.

73 Bruce WD4(XXX)

Subject: Carolina Windom 40

Jim: Thank you for sending the 18 ft coax for the Carolina Windom 40 Plus and allowing me to keep the original 10 ft coax piece !! I initiated the antenna this past weekend on field day. Could only get it up about 20 feet on one end and 15 on the other...therefore had to use the 10 ft coax. Running 5 watts with my IC 703 on 20 meters cw, I had great fun, worked over 110 stations and except for W1AW and F5IN (both who generated hugh pile-ups)...I worked everyone I called. I think this is going to be a great wire antenna and am looking forward to taking it to Japan, where I will be living for the next year. Will use it there with the 18 ft coax in the 40 plus configuration.

73 de Dave W0(XXX)

Subject: Carolina Windom 80

Jim, I am not and do not usually review products. However, I think that my New Carolina Windom, while still obeying the laws of physics, is magical. I had pretty well given up trying to work any DX with the 80 meter dipole at about 30 feet. It was pretty much a cloud burner. So, while at Dayton I picked up a brochure about the antenna, and when I understood that the feedline above the line isolator radiates, I knew that my dx woes were behind me. I knew that vertical radiators mean low take-off angles which are vital for doing DX. The rest is history. I usually have them in the log by at least the 2nd call. It's the old saw, if I hear 'em, I work "em. There is one small issue, and I don't know if it is antenna or conditions. My perception is that the antenna talks better than it hears. 40 meter stateside contacts are giving me 20 over and I am only picking them up at an s-5. I think in most cases we are both using amps at >600 watts. So far I am very happy with the product, and when this one bites the dust, I'll do it again.

Chris KG8(XXX)

Subject: Carolina Windom 80 Review

Hi Jim, Just wanted to thank you for designing such an great antenna. I got my General last year and purchased the Carolina Windom 80 as my first antenna. It has surpassed my expectations by far. With just casual operating in my limited spare time. Using a 80's vintage Yaesu FT-107M running barefoot on 20M & 17M I have many hundreds of dx contacts everywhere from Western Europe to the Mid East, Japan, South America and many local contacts on 40M & 80M. I'm always shocked to hear I have a 59 signal in the Mid East. Some of the pile ups are huge and I feel crazy to try to break through with such a basic station but many times 1 shout is all it takes. My antenna is set up between 2 trees and is just barely up 35'. It runs north to south but still puts out a nice signal to my south. Anyway just wanted to thank you for a great product. I'll be purchasing another for my summer QTH.

73'S John-KC2(XXX)

Subject: Carolina Windom Short 80 LP

Jim, W4THU: I purchased the subject antenna from your company about three weeks ago and I just wanted to let you know what a quality product it is. I discussed my field conditions here at my residence with Brad from your office and he was very helpful suggesting the right antenna for my situation. The antenna works great and it is the best manufactured antenna that I ever brought. I have it supported between two pine trees here on my lot and it is 40 feet in the air. The rig here is an old Kenwood TS430-S that I purchased 23 years ago! I need to update the equipment here. Today, I called Brad and placed an order for a T-4-500 Line Isolator and a coax jumper. (Your coax jumpers are the best that I have seen) Once again I was treated great and Brad answered all my questions. Keep up the good work and quality products.

Your fellow amateur, Don , KZ8(XXX)

Subject: Carolina Windom still ticking

Hi Jim, You may not remember me but a couple of years ago my Carolina Windom 80 was intermittent and I hacksawed the Line Isolator and ended up re-soldering a connection (a cold solder joint) and expoxied the Line Isolator back together. I just worked a G3OLB on 160 meters with my Carolina Windom. I put up my Carolina Windom in September of 1993 and it's still performing as good as the day I put it up.
73, K1(XXX) - Ed

PS - My Carolina Windom tunes up on all bands between 160-10 using the built-in antenna tuner in my Yaesu FT-990.

To: Radio Works
Subject: Carolinna Windom Question

Hello Jim: When I bought my first 80LP Carolina Windom, I put it in the air at 45 feet and parallel with my G5RV at the same elevation at a distance of 65 feet away. Using my Elecraft K2 on SSB & CW operating at 5 watts with both antennas connected to the antenna ports it was easy for me to auto tune both antennas and select ether antenna by a short tap on my antenna button. The results, the Carolina Windom out performed the G5RV from 5 to 10 dB most of the time. At no time did I have a signal report lower than the G5RV using the Carolina Windom. With the terrific performance of the Carolina Windom, I bought my second one from you. I removed my G5RV the antenna I had worked 3B9C on SSB earlier with 5 watts and mounted my second Carolina Windom at an elevation of 70 feet and at right angles with the first lower Carolina Windom. Over the past months of testing, the Carolina Windom at 70 feet gives me much better reports and has less noise than my first one at 45 feet and is also omni directional. With the one at 70 feet being the best 99% of the time on signal strength & lower noise, I took my first Carolina Windom down this afternoon and would like to make it operate on 160 meters. This serial number is 0203006. Not knowing the configuration of the Matching Unit, can I extend the 50' element end to 182' on my 80LP for 160? This antenna & will mount also at 70 feet and will compare ! it with my 558 ft. loop mounted at 40 - 50 feet high. In conclusion, I have given many classes to various clubs here in Michigan on building the Elecraft K2 and operating QRP. In doing so, I can't help but expound how the Carolina Windom is a real killer over the G5RV & my TH3 Beam at 64 feet. I would appreciate hearing if I can use my existing 80 LP for 160 as soon as possible before the snow is here. Thanks much for your help and your fine product.
Clarke - K8(XXX)

Subject: Carolins Windom 80

Jim: I installed a Carolina Windom 80 yesterday at 40 feet with a fiberglass mast as a center support and 70 feet of RG-8X. This morning my Mark V internal tuner tuned to every band, 80 through 10 meters with a final swr of less than 1.5 to 1 on all. Switching between my existing dipoles, I noted as good, or better, S-meter readings on all signals. Some were as much as 6 db up. I cant tell you how pleased I am.

Win W0l(XXX)

Subject: CW80

Hi Jim, I am the fellow who called Friday and our nice chat on the CW80 was cut short by a business call, Well as usual the package arrived today after ordering Friday, man talk about improved, I see what you mean, I could swing from the Vert now and not pull it loose, you did a wonderful job on that improvement, and it's obvious a lot of work went into that. You made a great antenna greater. I have heard people trash your antenna quality and I am confused. Let me tell you a bit about my experiences with my 1st CW80 I bought 3 years ago. I have it at about 60-70 feet in a flat top config. I have ran in the biggests pileups on 80 and 40 with 1500 watts, and rarely called more than twice. It really shines on those 2 bands. Let me mention a couple of exceptional experiences I had with the CW80. Once on 75 meters there was a ZS6 working a BIG GUN in 2 land using a 4 square, as he finished the QSO the 2 station asked the ZS6 to listen out for others, the ZS6 came back and said he was sorry, but he had a noise level over S9 due to a faulty power transformer and he doubted he could hear anyone else but he would try, there were a ton calling Jim, it was a huge pileup, I gave my call ONE time with 1500 watts. The calling continued for a min or so, when they stopped, the ZS6 was saying "W4(XXX) are you still there", I about fell outta my chair. Very few others worked him, and then he went QRT. That was just after I got mine up, and I knew then I had something special. That incident alone pretty much sums this antenna up. One other humous one was on 20 meters before I put up my tower and tri-bander. I was horse racing against a TH6DXX at 100 feet with a KW, and I had the CW80 and same power. We were working a VU via long path early in the morning. The VU gave me a report 10DB stronger than the TH6DXX, in fact on the way to work on 2 meters later that morning the "loser" commented "I don't see why you are wasting time and money putting up a tower" He had kidded me a lot about me buying a "magic" antenna and pretty much trashed the CW till he got in the ring with it :-), he never talked bad about my antenna after that :-) I just got the new one up this afternoon and already got thru on a couple of pileups on 75 just running 100 watts. It also seems to tune better than the old model, I had a couple of places where my tuner couldn't get it perfect, I could get like a 1.3 or 1.4 to 1 in these spots, now it tunes completely flat on them all with the same tuner and in the same location. I love it, and for the price, man it is the best antenna bargain in ham radio. All I wanted was one antenna to cover all bands with performance at least as good as a dipole, and I got a single wire HIGH PERFORMANCE antenna. Now on the quality bashing. mine was up 3 years. Remember this is not the improved vert we are talking about. I had some nylon rope and half hitches to give some support to the vert on each end, I use RG8, not 8X and it handled the weight fine, (and it also handled legal limit too) and at this height there is a fair amount of cable hanging below the isolator. The antenna went thru several bad ice storms, one wind storm so strong that it bent the mast on my 40' pushup pole. Then, before I could replace it, one the nylon support ropes broke from old age and it fell a couple of weeks ago and my brother in law ran over the isolator and cracked it in 2, I taped it together, climbed up to the 40' level on the tower and put it on a vee config, and worked a couple of new ones on 75 with it broken and at that low height. Now if that is not someones idea of quality, I have some bad news for them, there is no antenna in existence that will meet their requirements. The old one was perfectly acceptable. The new one is like the old one on steriods ;-) I was a little skeptical when you told me about the stress test you did, but it will take a lot more than that weight you mentioned to pull this baby apart, I could tow a boat with it. I was a little upset when the brother in law ran over it, but now I am glad he did or I might not have found out about this new improved model, in fact if you have a mailing list of new products and news etc, put me on it :-) You have a customer for life. An amazing product, I only wish I had the space for the 160 model. A very satisfied customer

Bill W4(XXX)

Subject: cw 80 special

jim, just a quick note to tell you how the antenna is working height: 33ft thru trees rig:ic706mk2g at 100watts first conntact west coast fla. 'plenty later this evening to pa,nc,del.,va, oh,in,tn.miss,ky. i had to go cause i had to go into work. dont ya just hate it when work interfers with the hobby? man, i was trully impressed. i knew it would be good but in just an hour i was well on my way to working all states. thanks for making such a great antenna.

73 tom kb0(XXX)

To: Jim
Subject: Carolina Windom 40 Plus:

A Great 60 Meter Antenna Hi Jim, I didn't even think to try the CW40+ on 60 for almost 2 months, but when I did I was very impressed. It's the best antenna I have for 60 now, and is just as good on 60 meters as it is on 40. I've been talking to other hams on 60 and at least half of them are using Windoms, some from Radio Works and some home-brewed. It's so good on 60 that you might even want to mention that in your literature. For example I worked two hams in England using it on channel 5 with no problems at all. In fact even if it only worked on 40 and 60 I'd buy again it in a heart beat. 73 and thanks for an outstanding product, Dave: K3(XXX)

Subject: silly question

Hi Jim, I just put up my new Radio Works Carolina Windom 80 and I am very impressed. I have been using a G5RV for the past year and today I had the opportunity to compare the two antennas. I've been a ham since the 60s (formerly WA8(XXX)} and this may be my best antenna ever. I'm looking forward to testing it more tomorrow after this weather front and it's thunderstorms are well out of my area. Congratulations on a great product.

Thanks and 73, Ron WD4(XXX)

Subject: My Carolina Windom 40

Jim, I had to write you and rave! My Windom 40 arrived yesterday, the weather today was conducive to hoisting it into place some 55 feet off ground level in a flat top pattern. I couldn’t wait to run the antenna through my AUTEK RF-1 just to see how it was without the benefit of a tuner – just “barefoot”. Here’s the results, as you will note, and you told me (my 746Pro would be able to tune it with no problem), all readings with the exception of 30M (rarely even listen there) were 3:1 or less: 40M 1.7 (same across full bandwidth) 20M 2.1 or less “ “ “ 30M 5:1 (who cares, rarely even listen) 17M 3.1 or less 15M 3.1 or less 12M 3.1 or less 10M 2.1 or less WOW! Looks like it will be a killer antenna! With the exception of 30M, my IC-703’s internal tuner should likewise be able to bring it down to a reasonable level as well []spec’ed at NMT 3.5:1] Will try some on the air tonight, can’t wait to see what 100W and this great, easy to install antenna can and will do! A most happy customer,

Elliott W4(XXX)

Subject: Experiences with my Carolina Windom 80

Hi Jim I purchased a Carolina Windom 80 Special around 2 years ago and it performed very well, better than my expectations. A few months ago I asked you if I could increase the dimensions to that of the Windom 80 and you told me I could so I have done that and the antenna does work much better. Also, now the internal atu of my FT-2000 will tune the windom on 80m no problem. Because the antenna is not described as covering 6m I had never tried it on that band but the other day I heard some beacons on 6m including one from CN8 and one from CT1. Not very strong but perfectly readable so I reckoned the band was open. Then I heard ZB2EO calling CQ on CW. The FT-2000's atu tuned the windom to 1:1 so I called him. We had a 8 minute QSO with my rst as 539 and his 449. ZB is almost due south of my QTH. My windom is only 30ft high along its length and was pointing end on to ZB2 land from my QTH in Cornwall. Not bad for my first 6m QSO! Have any other windom owners reported QSOs on 6m? Just wondering.
John G3(XXX)

To: 'Jim Thompson'
Subject: RE: My Carolina Windom 40

Jim spent about 30 minutes on the contest weekend on 20 M, dove right into pileups, was heard and worked a number of stations (DX) in all compass directions, super signal reports from them, S meter showed considerably more signal strength than either the B&W or the Vertical. All QSO’s with the 746 Pro VP5B CT1GFX T49C CT9L All stations reported excellent signals (even during contest, people I contacted were willing to talk more than a quick exchange) I couldn’t be happier with the antenna, did make a quick QSO on 40, one on 10, 12, 15 and17 didn’t really log them as they were US stations I picked up during a bit of casual fooling around during the week they were however N/S/E or W of my QTH.. It seems if I can hear them, I call them, they come back. It’s a great antenna for busting a pile up even with 100W, can’t wait till I can devote some serious (retired) time to operating and IF ICOM gets my 703 back (2nd trip same problem it’s only worked for 15 hours since I bought it 14 months ago) I’ll see what I can scare up on QRP. Take care, you make and advertise a terrific product. If I can only find two trees far enough apart, I’ll add a Windom 80 to the mix and do away with anything but your antennas.

73’s To: 'Jim Thompson' Subject: RE: My Carolina Windom 40 Will do – Great product, Great Value and you can quote me! Elliott S. Kanter W4PGI

To: 'Jim Thompson' Subject:
RE: My Carolina Windom 40

Will do – Great product, Great Value and you can quote me!
Elliott S. Kanter W4PGI

Subject: Testimonial

I have the Carolina Windom 80 up in inverted vee fashion, east - west. The apex is at 40 feet, one end at 20 feet and the other at 10 feet. This morning I worked 9M6NA on 80 CW. RST 569. It compares favorably with my 20 meter beam and with my vertical phased array on 40 meters. Works well on all three WARC bands. It's by far the best all-band antenna I've seen in 51 years of hamming.

Tom , P.E. W4(XXX) Texas

Subject: Carolina Short Antenna

Dear Jim, Bought a Carolina Short 80 last year to augment my HF5B and my HF2V antennas. I just wanted to let you know it works great. a good example is tonight. I worked ZA1DX on 40 and just now worked HB0/DL7NS. I operate QRP CW and was using a HW-9 with 4 watts output for both contacts. The receive is graet also. There are many times when the receive signal is better than the HF5B - especially on 20 meters. And its a very quiet antenna. I followed the installation instructions to the letter it has really outperformed my expectations. Just wanted to let you know.

73 - Larry - NU4(XXX)

Subject: Window 80 Special WORKS!

Jim, The Carolina Windom 80 Special I bought is working WONDERS for DX. Worked stations from the US to Russia and Televiv, the British Virgin Islands, and Canada with strong signal reports. Perfect! It's mounted about 25 feet off the ground between two trees, and it's worth every penny i paid for it. I'm only running 100 watts from a Yaesu FT-840, using an MFJ versa II tuner. I point people in your direction anytime antennas get in the discussion.

73, Chris , TX, KE5(XXX)

There are lots more. This is just a sampling from over the past few years. I thought I'd sure some of the feedback with you. Perhaps, it will help you make your decision to use a CAROLINA WINDOM® at your QTH.

Jim, W4THU

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