Coax Jumpers

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Installing RF connectors is not difficult, but it takes a lot of practice and the correct tools to do it properly and make them look and work right. We have some factory made jumpers that are well made and reasonably priced.

RG-8X Factory-Manufactured Jumpers

PL-259-to-PL-259 RG-8X Jumpers
Factory Assembled Jumpers

Premium, Low-loss, 98% shield RG-8X
PL-259 connector on each end. There is also molded strain-relief.

These are the best factory assembled jumpers I've found. The quality is outstanding, the workmanship is top quality and the price is excellent considering the current volatile copper and petroleum markets. These cables feature the highest percentage shield I've seen on RG-8X and have moulded-in strain-relief for added strength so that connector can't pull apart. Color is either gray or black - no choice. We try to always have only black cable in stock, but it is sometimes black is not available and we have to accept gray colored cable. Imported.

Available at the RADIO WORKS'™ Web Store

18" RG-8X jumper $ 6.25
3' RG-8X jumper $ 6.75
6' RG-8X jumper $ 7.50
9' RG-8X jumper $ 8.50
100' RG-8X coax with strain relief and two PL-259 connectors See Coax for price or click "Add To Cart" button - you can delete the item if you don't want it. The cost to us is very volatile.
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Don't forget Coax Seal, electrical tape and Cold Shrink tape to seal your connectors.

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