Updated 2/3/18

Stainless Steel Marine Pulleys ..
... they are perfect for use with antenna support rope.


Sheave rolls on ball or roller bearings for smooth, long-life operation

You asked for them.

We have them - The correct pulleys for antenna support line.

General Features
Roller bearings permit maximum loads in a small pulley.

Pulleys have stainless sideplates to properly distribute loads.

Delrin sheaves provide the strength, endurance and chemical resistance required by marine applications and harsh environments. This makes them ideal for antenna installations.

Sheaves are designed for synthetic line like our Dacron® rope.  

The #166 pulley features "swivels." These are important because rope twists under tension. This can twist your antenna and this is important in some configurations.
#166 Bullet Block

Sheave diameter = 1.125"
Line size = 5/16"
Breaking strength = 2000 pounds
Shackle pin diameter = 3/16"
Length = 2"
Max Working Load = 300 pounds
Roller bearings

Teflon™ impregnated, Hardkote anodized aluminum sheave.

I have suggested using high quality "Sailboat" or marine quality pulleys in several of my publications. This type pulley is precision made so that there is little space between the sheave and sides of the pulley. Unlike hardware store pulleys, it's all but impossible for your antenna support rope to jam the pulley by rolling off the sheave.

Since pulleys of this type are almost impossible to find in most areas of the country, I still stock one of these pulleys which is very well suited for use with the high quality antenna support rope that we sell. This pulley is manufactured by one of the preeminent makers of sailboat rigging.


Available at the RADIO WORKS'™ Web Store

#166 Rope up to 3/8"
It's ideal for use with my with 3/16" rope.

Did you forget to order support rope?

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