We carry Dacron™ and Kevlar® antenna support rope types. Our Dacron® rope is by far the most popular. It is excellent for nearly every antenna installation purpose. Its UV resistance is excellent and provides long life in the sun. Use the 3/16" rope through the pulley to support the antenna itself. Use two lengths of 3/16" line hung over two separate tree limbs for added strength through a tree. The the two lines together at the pulley (if used) or at the antenna end of the support lines. This provides a second support line, if one breaks.

Our Kevlar® line is perfect for use as a boom or element support line in beams. Its small size adds little to the wind resistance of the beam antenna. Use Kevlar to 'guy' a vertical antenna. It increases the wind-survival rating by a large percentage. Kevlar® is also popular as a wire antenna support rope, but if used for this purpose, some sort of strain relief must be provided since this rope does not stretch. It will pull your antenna apart in high winds if strain relief is not used. Kevlar line is also available in 1/8" size.


We are no longer stocking the the double-braid Dacron line with the loose jacket. Our double-braid line has a very tight jacket that does not jam in pulleys. It has the extended life of single-braid Dacron with the protection of double-braided Dacron. We have determined, after years of testing, that the single-braid lasts better in both pulley installations and over-the-branch installations. I have recently added 1/4" diameter Dacron after much testing. 1/4" line has proved to be the best compromise between price, weight, strength, and longevity. I now use it as the line through the tree that supports my pulley. I then use 3/16" line to run through the pulley and thus, support the antenna. 1/4" line could be used through the pulley, but you'd have to use larger end insulators on the antenna to accommodate the 1/4" line. Nearly all end insulators have a 3/16" hole.


This Kevlar rope is available exclusively from us. Because it does not stretch, it is perfect for 'guying' vertical antennas and beams elements and booms. The Dacron® outer jacket gives long, reliable life.



All Kevlar® line has been sold.

Kevlar® Core + Dacron® Jacket




Static Test Weight

700 pounds

500 pounds

Max working load

140 pounds

100 pounds




Abrasion resistance



Initial stretch



Insulation properties

Very high

Very high

Available lengths

200' hanks

200 foot spools

I have just made a deal with the factory and they are doing me a special favor and selling me 15000 feet of 3/16" Black Dacron rope. Normally, I couldn't buy that small quantity. That will be the end of this great antenna support line. It's only 75 200' lengths.

Order yours now before this great antenna support line is gone.

Since this line isn't coming in pre-hanked, I will cit up myself. Thus, for the first time, this antenna support line will be coiled up.


Available at the RADIO WORKS'™ Web Store

3/16" Black DACRON 200 Single-braid - price is per 200' coil or hank $24.95
KEVLAR All Kevlar Line has been sold.
* Available only in 200 foot hanks.
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