Rope Grip and Rope Tightener

Knot-free antenna support rope length adjustors

Rope Tensioner™

This is the perfect device for keeping your antenna support lines tight and easily adjustable. Knots are not required, just a few simple twists and your support rope is locked into place. I wish these had been available years ago. They would have made my antenna installations much easier. These tensioners are made of aluminum and will work with any rope size from 1/8" to 3/8". Complete instructions are engraved on the Rope Tensioner™. This is a high quality product that should last for years.

* High rope tension is easy to achieve and maintain. It is also easy to control the release of high tension without sudden and dangerous unloading.

* The Figure 9 eliminates the hassle and frustration of tying, adjusting and untying knots

* Made of high quality aluminum and available in two sizes to fit almost any rope (1/8” to 3/8”) – easy to follow instructions are laser engraved on the surface.

* Excellent alternative to expensive and complicated cam tensioning devices and stretch cords

* Two different attachment methods for a variety of uses: Loop System and Fixed End System

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