SuperLoop 80™

80-10 meters +30, 17, 12 m WARC

Update 2/3/18


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All bands 80 - 10 Superb Receive antenna-
Low noise 50 Ohm Feed
Automatic switching between loop and Bi-Square modes. All parts, DMU, ready to go
Exceptional Performance Solder only two wires
Easy to follow instructions


Frequency coverage

80 - 10 meters


Both vertical and horizontal

Radiator length

Full wave (80)

Matching method

Combination of reactance a stub & dedicated tuning unit.

Transmatch needed

Yes, all bands

Power Rating

1500 Watts *

Recommended height



Not required

* CW/SSB duty-cycle only. Not rated for AM, FM, RTTY or other high duty-cycle modes.

OK for PSK-31 and similar modes using 100 watts output or less

We are continually evolving and improving our products. Specifications are subject to change any time we can make the SuperLoop better.

The RADIO WORKS' SuperLoop 80™ is a high performance, full size, full-wave, 80 meter loop antenna. On 40 meters the SuperLoop 80™ is a 2 wavelength open loop or Bi-Square. The stub in the top leg of the antenna opens the loop when operating on 40 meters and selected other bands. This improves the antenna's radiation pattern. Its gain is around 4 dB, but it will seem much higher due to its excellent, low angle, radiation pattern.

The Dedicated Matching Unit with all the other components in the antenna work together to provide a well managed SWR on all bands. While the SWR is not below 2:1, it is low enough to permit the use of coaxial cable. System losses are low.
The SuperLoop 80® is an outstanding performer on all bands, 80 - 10 meters. Combine all band operation, coax feed, with gain on all bands, and the SuperLoop 80™ the obvious choice in a multi-band DX loop antenna system.

The SuperLoop 80™ has been used on several DX'peditions. The first was Navassa '88. Since then, the SuperLoop™ has been installed in DX stations all over the world. As I promised, when we come up with a better idea, you will see it in our products. So, stand back - The SuperLoop 80™ has an improved, low loss, matching system. You'll get even better performance from this new SuperLoop.

I worked 50 countries in just 5 hours with the terrific SuperLoop™! (Jim, W4THU)

...... and the New SuperLoop 80™ is even better - TRY IT!

I tried it, and believe me, I try a lot of antennas. This is one antenna I keep in the air! .... Jim, W4THU

The real CAROLINA WINDOM® story and Trademark credits.

Go to Jim's Notebook: Look up "How long should wire antennas last?

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