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Standard Antenna Wire
{short description of image} #14 Stranded (7x22) Hard-drawn

This is the standard antenna wire. Stranding is very tight, well beyond industry standards. It is flexible, has long service life, and is easy to use. For all wire antennas up to 150' between supports.

0.18/per foot

Special Stranded, Insulated, Antenna Wire
High strand, insulated
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#13 VariFlex Insulated (19 strand)

Our most popular insulated wire for custom-modified antennas

Extremely tough jacket over a very strong 19-strand, copper-clad steel wire. The wire is very flexible for copper-clad steel and the combination is about as stiff as hard-drawn 7-strand wire. Use whenever and heavy-duty insulated wire is desired, in trees, for example. This wire is resistant to acid rain and corrosive contaminants in the air. Use in any antenna subjected to heavy-weather (high winds, ice, snow, etc.)

0.34/per foot



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