At the RADIO WORKS, Ham Radio is a Contact Sport!™

After operating the RADIO WORKS™ for 30 years, I have decided that it is time to retire. The RADIO WORKS™ will end operations as the RADIO WORKS, Inc. on December 19, 2014. However, I will reopen as a hobby businessit on January 1, 2015. The name of the new company is "W4THU RADIO WORKS™, LLC." A limited selection of my most popular antenns, baluns and Line Isolators will be available in the new web store when it opens on January 1st. . There will also be some rope and coax available to complete your antenna project. All antennas, baluns, and Line Isolators will be exactly the same as available in the past.

W4THU RADIO WORKS™, LLC will be as a small scale hobby business. I must emphasize the hobby aspect. However, for those of you who want authentic CAROLINA WINDOM® that's build by Jim, W4THU, you will be able to order one.may still be possible to order one.

There will be some changes. I will still run a small ad in QST to direct folks to this web site. If you are interested in my future plans for the RADIO WORKS™, drop by this website occasionally for updates. All current telephone numbers will be disconnected and a new email address will be published. All corespondance will be by email sent to the new email address. All transactions will be by PayPal. I know that this will make a lot of you happy since I've had requests to offer PayPal. I couldn't do that because the webstore I was using didn't support PayPal.

My family thanks everyone who has purchased and used RADIO WORKS™ products over the past 30 years. It's been a fun trip through time. Jean (my wife), Jamie (my son) and I have enjoyed meeting so many RADIO WORKS fans personally at the numerous hamfests we've attended over the years. Twenty-Eight of those were Dayton Hamventions®.

I hope to chat with you on the air, now that I have time to enjoy ham radio as a hobby once again.

Stay tuned,

Jim, W4THU

Product Index

These are links to all of the products sold in the RADIO WORKS™ web store. The web store will close on December 19, 2014. However, the links will still be active for reference purposes, but the "Shopping Cart" feature will temporily disappear from the product pages.
On January 1, 2015 a new web store will become active again and it will feature my most popular antennas, baluns and Line Isolators™. These will include the CAROLINA WINDOM® 160, 80, and 40. I also plan to offer the SuperLoop™ 80 and the G5RV Plus. There will be some of my most popular baluns and Line Isoaltors™ in the new web store along with antenna support rope and a limited supply of coax.
As of January 1, 2015, if all goes well, the new webstore will open and I will be accepting and shipping orders.

Even though I will be semi-retired, the CAROLINA WINDOM™ will live on.
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Lightning Protection

Coaxial Cable

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Product Manuals

This is the complete 64-page product manual for all of the RADIO WORKS'™ products prior to the introduction of the CAROLINA WINDOM® Compact™ and the OCFD MAX™. Installation instruction addendum for all newer antennas are also listed in this link.

There is antenna installation hints and grounding information. So, you'll want to download this manual.

This is an Adobe PDF file and may uploaded to your desktop and printed, depending on how you have your PDF reader set up.
Product Manuals


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