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March 28, 2015
Almost nothing ever goes as planned. It’s been over four months since I announced my semi-reitrement on December 19th, 2014. I have to say that I never anticipated how much work semi-retirement could be. The reorganization of the RADIO WORKS, Inc. into W4THU RADIO WORKS LLC has been more complicated than it was when the RADIO WORKS, Inc. was started 30 years ago. I’m working harder than ever. However, that’s not all bad. I’ve been able to supply a lot of folks with RADIO WORKS’ antennas, baluns, Line Isolators and such. I’m continually refining the process of running the RADIO WORK myself instead of having help. I will say that my wife, Jean, has stepped in and has become essential to getting things working smoothly. I admit that there have been growing pains and some mistakes. It’s hard to change a 30 year old company like the RADIO WORKS from a multiple person operation to what is essentially a “mom and pop” shop. The good news is that the two people who build most of the RADIO WORKS products are still building them. So, the quality hasn’t changed. If you order a CAROLINA WINDOM®, you get a CAROLINA WINDOM®. You don’t get a pitiful knock off. You get the full performance of the CAROLINA WINDOM®, SuperLoop™, or OCFD MAX™. You also get the same quality and long life you expect from RADIO WORKS products. It is my hope that I can keep these products available for some time. However, some things will change. Perhaps it would be better to say “fine tuned”. I still want the RADIO WORKS to be a part-time endeavor, but before getting into those changes, I want to thank all of you who have been so supportive and encouraging over the past four months and more than that, over the past 30 years.

My goal is to create a good balance of making RADIO WORKS products available and also haveing time to enjoy other retirement related projects. Getting more active on the air is one of those projects. To this end some procedural changes are necessary. I’ll list them below.

1. All orders will have to come through my web store. That keeps things organized, which is good. I’m easily distracted and not the most organized person.

2. For now, that means that foreign orders with the exception of Canada will be suspended. Hopefully, this will only be temporary. I’m working on letting my web store process foreign orders. If it works out, I’ll start processing orders to addresses outside of the U.S. as soon as possible.

3. I will be changing my website by removing the “add to cart” buttons for all products no longer in production. It never occurred to me that my old web site could come up on your computer if you had visited the RADIO WORKS web site previously. Some web browsers keep old copies of visited pages so that they load up quickly. Unfortunately, this practice doesn't bring up the current site and since the links to the old web store are still active, it’s possible that you can order something that I no longer build or plan to carry any longer. I do want to keep the information on old RADIO WORKS products available since RADIO WORKS products have a very long life span. I know of several of my antennas that have been in use for well over 20 years. Also, some of my antennas, baluns and Line Isolators are being acquired secondhand. I’ll rework the RADIO WORKS web site and remove those unneeded links as quickly as I can, but it will have to wait until after the Dayton Hamvention. There will be other changes designed to improve efficiency, minimize errors and take some of the load off of Jean and me. I really appreciate those of you who have endured the delays with your patience and understanding.

4. I will try to keep the web store inventory as correct as possible. Thus, if you see an “out of stock” message when you press an “add to cart” button, that means what it says. The product is simply currently out of stock but, I’ll make products listed as out of stock available as soon as they can be built.

5. I want to say something about high shipping charges. Since I now process every order myself, it’s obvious that shipping charges are outrageous on some orders. The problem is that the first few pounds shipped cost far more per pound than an order that is heavier. For example, shipping a single balun or Line Isolator can generate shipping charges that are a large portion of the price of the product. However, shipping an antenna, rope, and other heavy accessories considerably reduces the price per pound. There is nothing I can do about that. Most of the cost for UPS or the Postal Service is in the processing and delivery of the package. That’s fixed cost. When the delivery driver brings a package weighing one pound or ten pounds, most of the effort and cost is just getting the package to your door.

Stay tuned,

Jim, W4THU


This is an index of the products currently offered by W4THU RADIO WORKS, LLC. Most of these products will be kept in stock for immediate shipment. The link button will take you to the product page where there will be an "Add to Cart" button.
CAROLINA WINDOM® 80   B1-2K - 1:1, 2kW balun
CAROLINA WINDOM® 80 Compact™   B1-4K & B1-5K - 1:1, Premium high power baluns
CAROLINA WINDOM® 40   B4-1.5K - 4:1 voltage balun
CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 Compact™   B4-2K - 4:1 voltage balun
SuperLoop® 80   B4-2KX - 4:1 Precision current balun
OCFD MAX 80 MAX™ Off Center Fed Dipole   RemoteBalun™ - coax to balanced line interface
G5RV Plus   Y1-5K - Yagi Balun™ 1:1, 50 ohms
Line Isolators   Accessories
RFI   Coax
T-4   Coax Seal™
Yagi Choke™ - Yagi or beam Line Isolator™   Rope - Antenna Support Line
  Coaxial Jumpers
Note to Canadian Customers: Shipping charges have not been added to your order by my web store. That function is not working properly. Go ahead and enter your order and information and submit your order. There will be no shipping charges on the order confirmation you receive. I will email your shipping charges and, with your permission, manually add them to your order.

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Product Manuals

This is the complete 64-page product manual for all of the RADIO WORKS'™ products prior to the introduction of the CAROLINA WINDOM® Compact™ and the OCFD MAX™. Installation instruction addendum for all newer antennas are also listed in this link.

There is antenna installation hints and grounding information. So, you'll want to download this manual.

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